Just Shooting Pics

Turning Life's Moments into Digital Memories

Marty Plemmons

As a student of life, I have always felt that visual imagery is the best way to capture those magical moments that life has to offer.  Frozen in time, photos capture more than just visual input but also the emotional energy within its frame.  I strive to capture those moments in order to convey the essence of that moment to the viewer. 

When photographing cars at speed, it is my desire to bottle up that speed and digitally reproduce it, complete with the sounds and smells of the race.

When photographing people, I find those tender or funny moments that express the relationships of the people to each other and their surroundings.  A photo should need no words to explain what it means and what the photographer felt when he or she conceived it. Language should never be a barrier when the subject is visual.


The goal is not to change your subjects, but for the subject to change the photographer.
~Author Unknown